1235 sealing aluminum foil

Alloy: 1235
Usage:sealing aluminum foil
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Product Information

Sealing aluminum foil

The quality of life of modern people is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for the quality and aesthetics of various packaging are constantly improving. As a safe and hygienic packaging material, aluminum foil is widely used in the fields of food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and cosmetic packaging. This article mainly introduces the sealing aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil seal base material 1235 aluminum foil

Aluminum foil seal is a composite material, which has sealing performance, anti-counterfeiting effect, and can prevent volatilization and pollution of product contents. The sealing aluminum foil usually adopts 1235 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, etc.

1235 sealing aluminum foil sealing application fields: cosmetic packaging sealing, daily necessities packaging sealing, food packaging sealing, pharmaceutical packaging sealing, etc.

1235 sealing aluminum foil

Introduction to the advantages of aluminum foil sealing

1. Good sealing. The sealing aluminum foil film can tightly wrap the surface layer so that it does not leak; it has good permeability, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and has insulating properties; it has enough quality to isolate the product from oxygen and other air.

2. High security. The aluminum foil parafilm has a clean surface, does not grow or adhere to bacteria, and meets hygiene and environmental standards.

What are the advantages of 1235 sealing aluminum foil?

1235 sealing aluminum foil is one of Mingtai Aluminum's advantageous products. The company can carry out customized processing according to customer needs, has a strong production capacity, can undertake orders of 3-2000 tons of sealing aluminum foil raw materials, and provide long-term supply for many domestic and foreign enterprises.