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3003 aluminum sheet for new energy vehicles

Alloy: 3003
Usage:new energy vehicles water-cooling plate
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Product Information

3003 aluminum sheet for new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles use lithium batteries as the power source. Long-term work will generate a lot of heat, affecting the performance of the battery, and there are certain safety hazards. Based on the dual requirements of cruising range and safety, the heat dissipation management of new energy vehicles is especially important. important.

New energy vehicle power battery cooling methods are mainly divided into three methods: air cooling, liquid cooling and direct cooling. Among them, liquid cooling is more popular in passenger cars. The aluminum brazing plate product is brazed by two O-state aluminum plates, one of which is punched with a flow channel structure to facilitate the circulation of antifreeze for cooling the battery, so as to continuously cool the battery. The automobile water-cooling plate adopts aluminum brazing composite material, 3003 aluminum sheet for new energy vehicles, which is widely used in the automobile water-cooling plate.

3003 aluminum sheet for new energy vehicles

3003 aluminum sheet for new energy vehicles has excellent performance

3003 aluminum sheet is an aluminum-manganese alloy, which has good corrosion resistance, light weight, high stamping and forming performance, good processing performance, excellent weldability, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, toughness High, not easy to deform, excellent performance, in line with automotive lightweight manufacturing.

The 3003 aluminum sheet is used for the water cooling plate of the new energy vehicle power battery. The thickness of the product specification is 0.3-2.0mm. The specific length and width can be reasonably customized according to the actual production needs of users.

3003 aluminum sheet near me

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