Extra wide 3003 aluminum plate for shelter skin

Alloy: 3003
Usage:shelter skin
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Product Information

A square cabin refers to a box-type workshop that is organically combined with various solid materials, has a fixed or expandable volume, has protective properties, and can be transported. Compared with the container, the container is like the trunk of a truck, but the shelter is specially customized according to the application field, and it follows a series of standardized preparation processes and standards.

There are many kinds of cabin skin materials. Due to various considerations, aluminum alloy material has become the preferred material. Generally, 3003 aluminum plate is used, which is not only corrosion-resistant, has a long service life, but is also lightweight and easy to move and transport.

3003 series aluminum plate is a commonly used product in the aluminum-manganese alloy series. Due to the manganese alloy element, this product has excellent anti-rust properties and is also called anti-rust aluminum plate. The strength of 3003 aluminum alloy is not high (slightly higher than industrial pure aluminum) and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties: it has high plasticity in the annealed state, and the plasticity is still good during semi-cold work hardening. When hardened, it has low plasticity, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, and poor machinability.

Extra wide 3003 aluminum plate for shelter skin

Due to its excellent properties, it is widely used in the construction industry, such as curtain walls, exterior wall roofs, aluminum veneers, etc.

Mingtai Aluminum has long-term supply of extra wide 3003 aluminum plate for shelter skin. The company has advanced production equipment and strong production capacity to realize customized production of special specifications with a width of 2600mm. Mingtai Aluminum adopts a direct sales model, and 3003 aluminum plates are sold at ex-factory prices, which has more advantages and stable performance, so you can buy with confidence.