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Alloy: 3104
Usage:can lid,coating
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Mingtai Aluminum Industry 3104 aluminum strips

Mingtai Aluminum Industry - a large domestic manufacturer of aluminum strips, long-term supply of 3104 aluminum strips and 5052 aluminum alloys for can lids, factory direct sales, and great price advantages.

3104 aluminum strips for cans

The aluminum strip for pop-top can lids is formed by one-time stamping, and the aluminum sheet is plastically deformed by stamping to obtain the shape of the can lid, resulting in deformation and strengthening, so that the stamping parts have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good rigidity.

The production process of easy-open aluminum beverage cans is relatively complicated. It is formed by continuous high-speed stamping and riveting of aluminum alloy plates coated with paint film on a special lid-making machine. The made easy-open lid not only requires beautiful appearance, good sealing parts, strong corrosion resistance, but also can withstand some pressure. Therefore, it has higher requirements for the aluminum alloy plate used.

3104 aluminum strips

Aluminum alloy requirements for easy-open lids of beverage cans

The easy-open aluminum alloy plate requires high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality, the thickness tolerance is ±0.005 mm, and the width deviation is +1.0-0. In addition, high strength, good formability and uniform performance are required.

Thickness of 3104 aluminum strips for cans

1. The thickness range of the aluminum alloy plate for the cover is 0.208-0.360mm

2. The width of aluminum plate for can lids is 800-1730mm

The pull ring is riveted to the aluminum sheet with notches around the lid, the pull ring is pulled up, the aluminum sheet on the lid is cracked with the notches, and the opening is used as an outlet for beverages.

Temper of 3104 aluminum strips for cans

1. The commonly used alloys and states of lid materials are 3104-H19 aluminum coil, 5052-H19 aluminum coil, etc. The lid material varies with the beverages contained in the can.

2. The commonly used materials of the pull ring are 5182, etc. The thickness and alloy state of the aluminum plate used are determined according to the form of the pull ring and the alloy of the cover material used. Most manufacturers use a slightly thinner aluminum plate than the cover material when producing the pull-type pull ring. In order to ensure that the riveting point is not pulled apart when it is opened, an alloy and state with higher strength than the cover material should be used.