3105 aluminum sheet stamping has good stretchability

Alloy: 3105
Usage:fields that require stamping performance
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Product Information

3105 aluminum sheet stamping has good stretchability

Aluminum alloy products are very common in our lives. From cooking pots and pans to industrial building materials, aluminum alloys are involved. Aluminum alloys have excellent characteristics and gradually replace other materials in some fields. more and more widely. Taking 3105 aluminum sheet as an example, it has good stamping stretchability and can be used in fields that require stamping performance.

3105 aluminum sheet has excellent performance

3105 aluminum sheet has excellent performance and can be used for many purposes.

Thickness (mm)0.2-8

Width (mm) 100-2650

3105 aluminum is an aluminum-manganese alloy. This series of products has good corrosion resistance and is often used as an anti-rust aluminum sheet. In addition, its anti-rust performance and electrical conductivity are all at an excellent level; regarding plasticity, it is better in the returned state, normal in semi-cold work hardening, and low in plasticity in cold work hardening; good weldability, poor machinability.

3105 aluminum sheet

High quality 3105 aluminum sheet with excellent performance

3105 aluminum sheet is a rectangular plate processed by rolling aluminum ingots. The quality of the raw material aluminum ingots and the production process of the manufacturer determine the final quality of the product. At present, there are many aluminum sheet manufacturers in the market. Due to the high and low production levels and the differences in the raw materials used, the quality of the products varies. Choose a large manufacturer with strong strength, the product quality is more assured, and the price is more reasonable.

Advantages of Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry as a manufacturer of 3105 aluminum sheets

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer. Since its establishment, it has focused on the development of its main business. Form a scale advantage in the domestic aluminum sheet, strip and foil processing industry. The products cover 1-8 series aluminum sheet, strip and foil, which are used in many industries. Over the years, Mingtai Aluminum has always been adhering to the spirit of ingenuity, providing high-quality and low-cost aluminum sheet, strip and foil products for the majority of users. For more than 20 years, Mingtai has won the trust and praise of customers at home and abroad with strict management, good quality and service.