5005 aluminum sheet

Alloy: 5005
Temper:Customized on demand
Usage:curtain wall aluminum plate
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Product Information

5005 aluminum sheet is used for wide curtain wall

The aluminum alloy curtain wall panel has strong weather resistance and good protection against ultraviolet rays. Due to its good stability, the color retention is at least ten years. At the same time, it also has good adhesion and is not vulnerable to external impact. The surface coating is flat and smooth, with good pollution resistance, and daily cleaning is very convenient. The wide curtain wall plate uses 5005 aluminum sheet as the base material, which has many advantages.

Common 5005 curtain wall aluminum plate thickness

The common 5005 curtain wall aluminum plates in the market are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm and 3.0mm thick. The six rod cold rolling mill introduced by Mingtai Aluminum can produce 5005 ultra wide curtain wall aluminum plates, which can be 2650mm wide. 5005 curtain wall aluminum plate has medium strength and good corrosion resistance. It has good processability similar to 3003 alloy. The anodic oxide film is brighter than the oxide film on 3003 alloy, and is consistent with the color of 6063 alloy.

5005 aluminum sheet

Cost of 5005 aluminum sheet

When purchasing 5005 ultra wide curtain wall aluminum panels, the quality and price need to be strictly controlled

It is every customer's wish to buy 5005 aluminum sheet with high quality and low price. Now the price of 5005 curtain wall aluminum sheet given in the market is high or low. Which aluminum sheet is worth buying? How much is the price per ton?

The cost of 5005 aluminum sheet generally consists of the closing average price of aluminum ingots on the day of shipment and processing fees. Aluminum ingot prices fluctuate every day, which can be obtained through the query platform. The processing cost of conventional plates is relatively cheap, and the processing cost of aluminum plates that are super wide, super thick and require slitting is relatively high. In addition, the price of aluminum plates will also be affected by market conditions, geographical factors, manufacturers' sales model and other factors.

Mingtai Aluminum provides you with 5005 aluminum sheets with high cost performance ratio

If you want to buy 5005 aluminum sheet with good quality and affordable price, Mingtai Aluminum is worth choosing. With advanced equipment and strong production capacity, the company can customize production for users with different needs. Because it is sold directly by manufacturers, there is no middleman to earn price difference, and the price advantage is obvious. If you want to know the price, delivery date, delivery and other related issues of aluminum plate, you can consult online for free.