5182-H19 aluminum sheet for can pull tab

Alloy: 5182
Usage:can pull tab
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Product Information

5182-H19 aluminum sheet for can pull tab

5182-H19 aluminum sheet is the main alloy on the pull ring material, and the bottom of the can is mainly 3004, 5052, etc. These alloys are not only used to make all-aluminum cans, but also a large number of cans for tinplate cans and other packaging containers. With the development of the beverage industry and the replacement of old packaging materials, 5182 aluminum alloy will usher in greater applications in the packaging market.

Characteristics of 5182-H19 aluminum sheet

5182 aluminum alloy sheet has the characteristics of good strength, corrosion resistance and machinability, and is also commonly used in the manufacture of transportation vehicles, ship sheet metal parts, etc.

The market of 5182 aluminum alloy can pull ring is good. Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry's products have stable quality and superior performance. They have the advantages of light weight, heat resistance, good conductivity, odorless and harmless, good printing effect, and recyclability. With continuous development and replacement of old packaging materials, aluminum alloy packaging has great potential.

5182-H19 Aluminum Sheet

The advantages of Mingtai Aluminum's 5182-H19 aluminum sheet

1. It has good anti-rust performance and is widely used.

2. Contains a small amount of Si, with excellent welding performance and low crack tendency during welding.

3. Excellent corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and high yield strength.

4. The surface of the aluminum sheet produced has no defects, the pattern is flat, and the quality is high.

Mingtai Aluminum cans aluminum sheet supplier

Mingtai Aluminum is a supplier of aluminum sheets for pull tabs of cans.

It can produce 5182 aluminum sheet, and Mingtai supplies 5182 aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.15-600mm and a width of 20-2650mm.

5182-H19 Aluminum Sheet Manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum sheet manufacturer in China, and 5182 aluminum alloy is used as a high-magnesium alloy. The 5182 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai is not only used in cans, but also widely used in automotive aluminum. The product has stable performance and reliable quality, and can be more reasonably tailored to the actual needs of users. For more product information and preferential quotations, please click Online Consultation.