5754 aluminum coil

Alloy: 5754
Usage:auto parts
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Product Information

Introduction to 5754 aluminum coil

5754 aluminum coil belongs to Al Mg alloy, with medium and high strength. Because of its good corrosion resistance, it is called rust proof aluminum. In foreign countries, 5754 aluminum alloy plates in different heat treatment states are the main materials used in automobile manufacturing (car doors, molds, seals) and can making industries.

5754 aluminum coil for automobile

With the development of automobile lightweight, aluminum and aluminum alloy are used more and more in automobiles. Using aluminum alloy instead of traditional steel can significantly reduce vehicle weight, reduce optimization, and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction.

5754 aluminum coil

5754 aluminum coil has good performance

5754 aluminum coil has good stamping performance and high elongation. It can meet the requirements of conventional stamping and stretching, and can be processed into complex shapes. In recent years, it has been widely used in auto parts, mainly for auto stamping parts.

Price of 5754 aluminum coil for auto parts

5754 Aluminum coil price calculation method: market aluminum ingot price+processing fee

The price of 5754 aluminum coil is indirectly related to the thickness, width and state of the product and the strength of the manufacturer. Large aluminum plate manufacturers have advanced equipment and skilled technology. They invest more manpower and material resources than small aluminum plate manufacturers. The cost is slightly higher. The price of 5754 aluminum coil is a little more expensive, but the quality will be more guaranteed. Large aluminum plate manufacturers have strong strength, technology, equipment and reputation, product performance is guaranteed, and they can buy with confidence.

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. supplies 5754 aluminum coils for a long time

Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd., as a large manufacturer of aluminum plates, aluminum strips and aluminum foils, has been supplying 5754 aluminum coils for automobiles for a long time, with stable product quality and excellent processability. Mingtai has been engaged in the aluminum sheet, strip and foil processing industry for more than 20 years. The strength of the manufacturer is visible, and the product quality is well known. In addition, with the business model of self production and self marketing, the cost is far lower than that of peers. If you have demand for products, please consult us for detailed price and customization cycle.