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5A03 aluminum plate for highway sound insulation board

Alloy: 5A03
Usage:Highway sound insulation
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Product Information

The speed of vehicles on the highway is very fast, causing serious noise pollution to the surrounding area. Therefore, sound insulation barriers are generally set up on both sides of the highway passing through residential areas. This measure can effectively block the spread of noise. 5A03 aluminum plate is generally used as the material of sound insulation board. Mingtai Aluminum has long-term supply.

5A03 aluminum plate meets the performance requirements of sound insulation panels

Since sound insulation barriers are exposed to wind, sun, rain and rain for a long time, there are some performance requirements for the manufacturing materials. The 5A03 aluminum plate used for sound insulation barriers belongs to the 5 series Al-Mg alloy. It has medium strength, good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, strength is not affected by temperature and humidity, and is light in weight. It is used to make highway sound insulation panels. long life.

The magnesium content of 5A03 aluminum plate is slightly higher than that of 5754 aluminum plate, so the corrosion resistance and tensile strength of 5A03 aluminum plate are higher than 5754, and it can better resist storms and corrosion. Cities near the sea in the south may face the impact of typhoons and have extremely high requirements for the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum plates. 5A03 aluminum plates are often used.

5A03 aluminum plate for highway sound insulation board

5A03 aluminum plate for highway noise barrier can be customized in size


Width (mm)20-2650


How much does highway sound insulation panel 5A03 aluminum plate cost?

Our quotation consists of the aluminum ingot price + aluminum plate processing fee on the day of delivery. We need to provide the thickness, width, length (mm) of the required product, and the total demand (tons), so that we can accurately calculate the quotation.

The 5A03 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai Aluminum has high strength, is easy to process, is easy to color, and is corrosion-resistant. It is suitable for sound insulation barriers such as high-speed rails, highways, subways, and light rails. With its excellent performance and favorable price, it has established a good reputation in the market and won the recognition and trust of our customers.