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Alloy: 6063
Usage:molds, automobiles
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Product Information

6063 aluminum sheet

6063 aluminum sheet is a grade in the 6 series aluminum sheet. It belongs to the aluminum magnesium silicon alloy sheet. It has excellent performance in all aspects and is also relatively expensive in price. 6063 aluminum sheet is currently widely used in passenger car body structural parts, automotive engine parts, automotive wheel hubs, mobile phone casings, precision molds, screen fences and other fields.

6063 and 6061 aluminum sheet

The strength of 6063 aluminum sheet is lower than that of 6061, and its extrudability is good.

1. Strengthened by heat treatment, high impact toughness, insensitive to defects.

2. Excellent welding performance and corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency.

3. The surface after processing is smooth and easy to anodize and color.

6063 aluminum sheet

6063 aluminum sheet is widely used in automobiles

6063 aluminum is mainly used to manufacture the overall outline of the car body and the body of the tanker. The aluminum body has the advantages of light weight, heat resistance, good printing effect and recyclability. It plays a great role in reducing the fuel consumption of vehicles, and provides a way to realize energy saving and emission reduction. Aluminium car bodies have a dominant position in the automotive manufacturing industry. Especially in developed countries, in order to recycle resources reasonably and realize the lightweight of car body, there is still a large space for development of aluminum car and tank car body, and 6063 aluminum material is used in more fields.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum 6063 aluminum sheet

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise. The company can produce 6063 aluminum sheet with complete specifications, customizable, and original factory warranty.

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