8006 aluminum foil manufacturer
  • 8006 aluminum foil manufacturer

8006 aluminum foil manufacturer

Alloy: 8006
Usage:Wrinkle free food container
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Product Information

About aluminum foil used in food containers

With the improvement of living standards, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and health. Aluminum foil food container is a kind of environment-friendly food container, which has been widely used in recent years due to its high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation effect, open flame heating, environmental protection and recyclability.

8006 aluminum foil

Common aluminum foil raw materials for food containers

Aluminum foil food containers are divided into wrinkle free and wrinkle free. The common raw materials of aluminum foil for food containers include 8011 aluminum foil, 3004 aluminum foil, 8006 aluminum foil, etc. Among them, 8006 aluminum foil is a high-quality wrinkle free food container material.

Wrinkle free food container, as its name implies, is to achieve less wrinkles after the aluminum foil is stamped and formed, and only allow wrinkles at four right angles. For wrinkle free food containers, 8006 aluminum foil is usually used as the raw material. After cold rolling or hot rolling, the aluminum foil master coil with uniform thickness, smooth surface, no holes, dust particles, and no odor is formed. It is a one-time fully automatic cold stamping process with special equipment and molds.

8006 aluminum foil for wrinkle free food containers

8006 aluminum foil for wrinkle free food container material has high barrier property, which can prevent moisture, water, corrosion and light. The processed aluminum foil food container meets the national food container hygiene standard, which ensures the non-toxic and healthy aluminum foil food container. Moreover, aluminum foil food containers have the advantage of being recyclable, which can reduce pollution and save energy, so they are widely used.

Mingtai Aluminum produces 8006 aluminum foil

Mingtai Aluminum produces wrinkle free aluminum foil food container raw material 8006 aluminum foil. After strict control, the product has a flat shape, clean surface and no oil stain. After stamping, the edge has no wrinkles, and the appearance is flat and smooth, which is especially suitable for making wrinkle free food containers.

If you want to know more about the specifications, prices, ordering methods, delivery dates and other details of 8006 wrinkle free food container material aluminum foil, please consult us.