8011 pharmaceutical foil

Alloy: 8011
Usage:aluminum-plastic composite cap for oral liquid, aluminum-plastic cap for infusion bottle, etc.
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Product Information

8011 pharmaceutical foil for pharmaceutical bottle caps

The pharmaceutical aluminum caps are mainly made of 8011 pharmaceutical foil, etc., which are processed into bottle caps through a special process. The superior performance is the basis for its application in medicine. The aluminum cover for medicine is thin and easy to open. It is widely used in pharmaceutical oral liquids. The aluminum cover also exerts its advantages in the sealing of bottled liquids such as antibiotics and infusions. The aluminum cover has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, good sealing performance and simple and convenient use.

8011 pharmaceutical foil custom production

Material Status: H14, H16, H18

Thickness: 0.016-0.5

Width: 100-1650mm

Length: C

Application: aluminum-plastic composite cap for oral liquid, aluminum-plastic cap for infusion bottle, etc.

8011 pharmaceutical foil

Mingtai 8011 pharmaceutical foil

Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale manufacturer of aluminum foil raw materials for medical caps. The 8011-H14 aluminum foil and 8011-H16 aluminum foil substrates produced by the company are the source of aluminum foil raw materials for various aluminum medical caps factories at home and abroad.

The 8011 aluminum foil for aluminum medical bottle caps produced by Mingtai Aluminum has multiple advantages such as food grade, clean degreasing, less holes, and good product shape. And Henan Mingtai is a listed aluminum foil manufacturer in China, which can undertake 3-2000 tons of 8011 pharmaceutical foil raw material orders, with stable product quality, global export, affordable prices, and can be purchased with confidence.