Tank car body material 5083-O aluminum plate manufacturer

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Tank car body material 5083 aluminum plate

A tanker is a tank-shaped transport vehicle used to transport various liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods, including gasoline, crude oil, various viscous oils, vegetable oils, liquid ammonia, wine, water, various acids. Alkali liquid, cement lead oxide powder, etc.

In view of the superior performance of aluminum alloy tank car in terms of economy, environmental protection and safety, aluminum alloy plate has become the choice of tank car material. Currently, the commonly used materials are 5083 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate and 5182 aluminum plate.

Tank car body material

Aluminum alloy tank car aluminum plate integrates light weight and safety

1. Due to the use of aluminum alloy material, the aluminum alloy oil tanker makes its self-weight lighter. By reducing the self-weight, the payload of the entire vehicle can be increased. The weight of a single transported cargo is 18%-35 more than that of a carbon steel oil tanker. %.

2. The chemical properties of aluminum alloy are stable, and the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy is more than 70% higher than that of ordinary carbon steel. The enhanced corrosion resistance greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the tank.

3. From the appearance point of view, the appearance of the aluminum alloy fuel tanker is more beautiful, and it is easy to clean without painting.

4. Service life, the excellent characteristics of aluminum alloy make the service life of the aluminum alloy tanker longer, and the old aluminum alloy tank body with better maintenance can also be used on the new chassis, even if the tank body is scrapped, there is a higher recovery value.

Mingtai Aluminum 5083 O aluminum plate manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum Industry, a large-scale 5083 O aluminum plate manufacturer, a listed company, has been engaged in the R&D and production of aluminum sheets, strips and foils for more than 20 years. It can produce and supply aluminum plates for tank trucks, 5083 aluminum plates, 5754 aluminum plates, 5454 aluminum plates, and 5182 aluminum plates.