Prepainted aluminum coil 3004 aluminum coil price per ton

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Prepainted aluminum coils

The performance of prepainted aluminum coils is very stable, not easy to be corroded, and the volume of the enterprise is light. At the same time, its colors are also rich, and it has played a good decorative design concept in the field of building decoration, which is beautiful and generous, and has a more beautiful feeling. Because of its high cost performance, prepainted aluminum coils are widely used in aluminum ceilings, roof surfaces, aluminum veneer curtain walls and other industries.

3004 aluminum coil for prepainted aluminum coils

3004 aluminum coil is an AL-Mn alloy, which is a widely used anti-rust aluminum. It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, so cold working method is used to improve its mechanical properties; it has high plasticity in the annealed state, and is hardened in semi-cold work. It has good plasticity, low plasticity when cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability and poor machinability.

3 series prepainted aluminum coils - 3004 aluminum / 3104 aluminum / 3105 aluminum / 3005 aluminum / 3003 aluminum

Application of aluminum magnesium manganese plate: aluminum alloy lamp holder, aluminum alloy shutter, aluminum alloy roof panel - coating roll - bottle cap material - pipe insulation - signage - radiator, roof panel, corrugated board, etc.

Color-coated aluminum coil substrate: 3003 aluminum coil, 3004 aluminum coil, 3104 aluminum coil, etc.

Thickness: 0.2-10mm

Width: 100-2650mm

Length: C

Prepainted aluminum coils

Product characteristics of 3004 prepainted aluminum coils

1, good technical, high folding resistance

2. The colors can be colorful and the decorative art is strong

3. Aging resistance, color tone reliability

The manufacturer Mingtai Aluminum introduces its performance advantages

1. The 3004 aluminum plate has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance.

2. Excellent forming processing characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good weldability and electrical conductivity, and the strength is stronger than 3003 aluminum plate.

3. Smooth surface, good plasticity and pressure resistance.

4. Adopt international grinding machine equipment to reduce product defects.