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5052 aluminum sheet for electric control box shell

The shell of the electric control box contains a lot of equipment, which can perform the functions of measurement, adjustment, monitoring, protection and so on. There are more and more, so it is very important to make electric control box-control cabinet products, especially in the application of materials, the electric control box-control cabinet shell is made of 5052 aluminum sheet material, which is better. Next, Mingtai Aluminum and Let me introduce to you.

5052 aluminum sheet for light box

Due to its excellent performance, 5052 aluminum sheet is very suitable for the use of electric control box-control box shell. It has high performance stability, corrosion resistance, high plasticity, easy processing, strong durability, and good environmental performance and recycling rate. High, the thermal conductivity is relatively good, and the operation can be more stable and safe in later use.

5052 aluminum sheet is AL-Mg alloy aluminum sheet, magnesium is the main alloying element in 5052 alloy aluminum sheet, and it is a widely used anti-rust aluminum.

5052 aluminum sheet

The performance advantages of 5052 aluminum sheet produced by Mingtai

A: It is an aluminum alloy with medium and high strength, with low density and higher strength than 1 and 3 series aluminum alloys.

B: Good plasticity, excellent forming effect, and easy processing.

C: Fatigue performance, good welding performance, strong resistance to marine atmospheric corrosion.

D: During the heating process of the 5052 aluminum sheet, less oxides are formed on the surface of the aluminum material, and the utilization rate of the aluminum ingot is high.

Mingtai is professional in the production of 5052 aluminum sheets

Mingtai Aluminum's 5052 aluminum sheet has a width of 2600mm and a thickness of 500mm. There are few aluminum sheet manufacturers with such production capacity in China. At the same time, it can produce 5052 pattern aluminum sheet, marine wear-resistant aluminum sheet, stretched aluminum sheet, etc. Details are available online.