Aluminum coil for bottle cap material 1060/3105/5052/8011

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Aluminum alloy bottle cap material not only has good deep drawing forming performance and low anisotropy, but also meets the requirements of multiple color printing and solidification. It also has a certain baking strength. Aluminum alloy is used as bottle cap material and is widely used in various packaging materials such as wine bottles, beverage bottles, and medicinal bottles.

Introduction to Bottle Cap Materials

Alloy thickness: 0.012-0.5mm

Alloy status: H14, H16, H18, H19

Application: wine bottle caps, pharmaceutical bottle caps, cosmetic bottle caps, and aluminum beverage bottle caps

Aluminum and aluminum alloy bottle cap materials are a new type of bottle cap sealing material, which not only has the characteristics of being beautiful and generous, but also has the function of preventing counterfeit goods. Therefore, aluminum has been widely used in the sealing and packaging of beverage bottles, wine bottles, cosmetics bottles, medicine bottles, etc. both domestically and internationally.

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Performance of bottle cap material

1. The width and thickness tolerances shall be executed according to the requirements of the process card.

2. The surface is smooth and free of defects such as cracks, bubbles, penetrating pores, metal and non-metal indentation, and light and dark stripes.

3. During the rolling process, the surface quality should be randomly checked at least every 3 rolls, and the surface quality should be checked for each roll in the finished product pass.

4. Strictly monitor the quality of slicing, ensuring no burrs, knife back marks, or ruffled edges.

Bottle cap material manufacturer

Mingtai Aluminum Industry is a domestic aluminum plate and strip processing enterprise that independently develops the "1+4" hot rolling production line. The precision integrated plate profile control system greatly improves product quality.