Henan mingtai takes many measures to implement heatstroke prevention and escort safe production

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Henan Mingtai Safety Production

Hot summer, unbearable heat. In order to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling, to ensure the health of front-line employees, the stable and smooth operation of equipment, and the smooth production operation, all units of henan mingtai actively carry out the deployment of heatstroke prevention and cooling, and actively take effective measures to strictly prevent all kinds of safe production caused by high temperature and heat.

Specific measures to prevent heatstroke in henan mingtai

Early deployment and implementation of the responsibility for heatstroke prevention and cooling. Actively carry out self-examination and self-correction, from "early" from "details" to "real" to do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling down, requiring the leaders of each workshop to pay close attention to the physical condition of the workers during the high temperature period, and report any abnormal conditions in time; and make full use of it Large screens, blackboard newspapers, WeChat public accounts, conferences, special training and other carriers, increase efforts to publicize the basic knowledge of summer production safety and knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling to ensure that all employees have a good understanding of the idea; all workshops are equipped with heatstroke prevention and cooling medicines and medical kits , Sufficient supply of mung bean water, honeysuckle water, sugar water and other heatstroke prevention and cooling items every day to ensure the safety of employees in the summer.

Henan Mingtai

Protection measures for equipment in henan mingtai

Take strict precautions and strengthen the investigation of potential safety hazards. In order to ensure the "double safety" goal of employees' personal safety and equipment safety; strictly implement the equipment spot inspection system, strengthen equipment inspection, comprehensively check ventilation and cooling facilities, and check existing air conditioners, fans and other cooling equipment one by one; outdoor sunshine The equipment, valves, pipelines, etc. should be well insulated to ensure that the equipment and facilities are in good operation and lay a solid foundation for safe work in summer.

Through practical and effective measures, it has provided a solid guarantee for the production of the branch plant to run smoothly and to spend the summer safely.